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  DSC 1616 FAQ's
My system shows a Low Battery Trouble
How do I program the Time and Date
How to Bypass a Zone
How to toggle Chime On/Off
How to Add User Access Code
How to Change User Access Code
How to Erase User Access Code
How to Arm my system in Away Mode
How to Arm my system in Stay Mode
  General FAQ's
How long would the backup battery last in the event of a power loss?
How do I go about testing my home security alarm system and how often?
What is the difference between a Master User Code and Installer Code?
Can I install a home security system myself?
  Pre-Sale FAQ's
What does it mean if a security alarm system is “locked”?
Can a locked security alarm system be unlocked?
What is the difference between hardwired and wireless security alarm syatems?
What is a 'Hybrid' Alarm System?
What's the difference between perimeter and interior protection on alarm systems?
What is a Zone?
What are motion detectors?
Do Pet Immune Motion Detectors really work?
What are Glass Break Detectors?
What are smoke detectors?
  Alarm System Terms And Definitions
Away Arming
Stay Arming
Hard Wired
Wireless Receiver and Wireless Devices
Cellular (GSM) Monitoring
Voip Monitoring
Rent or Lease
Expansion Module
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